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Exosonic Welcomes Retired USAF Brigadier General Rob Novotny to Advisory Board

Award-winning USAF Veteran brings global and DoD expertise to low boom supersonic start-up

Los Angeles, CA — April 26, 2021 — Low boom supersonic transport company Exosonic, Inc. is excited to announce that retired Brigadier General Robert “Blend’r” Novotny joins Exosonic’s advisory board. Brig. Gen. Novotny will help Exosonic further its government relationships as it continues to grow United States Air Force and Department of Defense support for its supersonic products. Brig. Gen. Novotny will be instrumental in helping the team navigate through the DoD network, identify relevant contacts, and share how to work within the appropriate channels to gain interest and further contracts.

Brig. Gen. Novotny shares with Exosonic his nearly 30 years of USAF experience, where he last was the Commander of the 57th Wing at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. In this capacity, he oversaw nearly 5,000 Active Duty, government civilian, union and contract employees responsible for the safe operation of the nation’s most advanced aerial combat exercises. Furthermore, he was charged with managing the US Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, known throughout the world as the “Thunderbirds.” Brig. Gen. Novotny was an architect of the incredibly popular “American Strong” joint US Air Force “Thunderbirds” and US Navy “Blue Angels” display teams flybys across America during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Brig. Gen. Novotny’s leadership also extends into aircraft test, development, and acquisition programs. He has played high-ranking roles in the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, Next Generation Air Dominance, and the Advanced Battle Management System programs. He also was called to lead the USAF Operational Test Program and successfully delivered the very first F-35 fighters to Air Combat Command.

“Given Brig. Gen. Novotny’s extensive leadership experience in managing aerial combat exercises, aircraft test, development, and acquisition programs, our team has the extraordinary privilege to welcome him to Exosonic’s Advisory Board. We have already exchanged several conversations with him and we have already learned so much. The knowledge he shares has influenced Exosonic’s short-term / medium term strategy. We look forward to growing our relationship together to further Exosonic’s mission to provide quiet supersonic travel everywhere,” says Norris Tie, Exosonic’s CEO and co-founder.

“The future of commercial travel must be supersonic to keep pace with demand signal from business and government customers alike. Low boom supersonic flight fills the need to travel over land and population centers where other supersonic platforms cannot fly. Furthermore, Exosonic is on path to meet the DoD’s need for a supersonic loyal wingman and an innovative adversary air training platform that will push the limits of our team. I am honored to join this team of forward-thinking innovators who will bring revolutionary capabilities to the market.”

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About Exosonic
Exosonic is an aerospace company developing the world’s first low boom, quiet supersonic passenger airliner using shaped sonic boom technology. By muting the sonic boom, Exosonic will be able to fly supersonic everywhere – overland and overwater to take passengers to their destinations twice as fast as commercial flights available today. The company was founded with a vision to bring people together through faster travel and with a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. Exosonic is setting the standard for faster flight with a low boom 5000 nmi range, 70 passenger supersonic airliner. As part of the supersonic airliner development, Exosonic is offering short and medium term timeline products that are aligned to Exosonic’s overall mission to shrink the world through faster transportation.

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